Tree Stump Removal Southgate London

Tree Stump Removal Southgate London

Tree Stump Removal Southgate London Trust that your trees are going to be taken care of in the most professional, safe, and efficient way possible. Tree Stump Removal Southgate London.

Tree stumps are the ugly leftovers of a tree which everyone wants to get rid of. Getting an effective way for Tree Stump Removal Southgate London can be quite frustrating as tree stumps are known to be particularly stubborn. 

In this article, you’ll see seven effective ways through which you can effectively get rid of your tree stump. 

DIY Steps for removal of Tree stump

Physical and rigorous work is what comes to mind when you first stare at that Tree Stump Removal Southgate London. 

But, there are simpler home remedies through which you can get rid of a tree stump. 

  • Epsom Salt

This is a popular technique which you can use to get rid of a tree stump. Magnesium and silver are some of the constituting elements of Epsom salt. 

Although it is of benefit to plants, where it is administered in large quantities, it can be hazardous to plants.

Pouring large quantities of Epsom salt on the tree stump will snuff the life out of it and speed up its decaying process. 

  • Using a Tarpaulin 

This method entails deriving the stump of sunlight which is a much needed ingredient for the growth of a plant. 

Cover the stump with a tarpaulin or a trash bag. You can then place heavy stones on the tarpaulin so it stays in place. 

This method is not the fastest but it also helps to fast track the decaying process of the tree stump. 

  • Rock Salt

This method is identical with that of the Epsom salt. By continually pouring rock salt mixed in water into the stump, the stump dies gradually. 

The saltwater solution encourages the growth of fungi which is detrimental to a tree stump. Thus, you can count down the days the tree stump will be a menace to you. 

  • Hot water

This is probably the easiest and handiest method. All you need is hot water, the heat in the water will do the job. 

Hot water is inimical to plants, tree stumps inclusive. The heat will destroy the roots in the stump thereby leading to its death. 

Physical steps for Tree Stump Removal Southgate London 

  • Burn the tree stump

Probably the first thing that comes to mind, burn it down. However, you have to look up your local fire code first to ensure you are not violating any laws. 

If tree burning is allowed, you can go ahead to burn the tree stump. You can make holes in the stump, pour kerosene in the holes and light it up. 

This way it burns from inside and can get rid of the stump quickly. 

  • Digging

This is the most strenuous step of them all. Dig around the stump so as to expose it and make it easy to uproot it as a whole. 

Cut the roots holding down the stump, they are its stronghold. Once the roots are no longer holding it down, then you can lift it from the hole. 

  • Hire professionals

This may probably be your best option. You can get professionals who are good in this field, they will remove it in no time at all. 


Tree stumps not only take space, they also disfigure the shape of a place. The best decision might be Tree Stump Removal Southgate London. Seven of the easiest ways by which you can get rid of them have been outlined here. 

The best among them is to actually hire a professional, this way, you sit back and watch the stump being removed in the best way possible.