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An Arboricultural survey is a survey that helps homeowners and estate managers in promoting healthy plants, shrubs, and trees in their platforms. 

This survey is important because it ensures that plants, trees, and gardens are considered whenever a structure is to be developed. Generally, the British standard BS587 is an important guideline for an Arborist Essendon London that helps facilitate the purpose of the survey. 

This article will discuss the reasons why homeowners need an Arboricultural survey. 

#1 To keep trees healthy

An Arboricultural survey helps determine what the gardens in our site need to be healthy. The survey talks about the water, food, and how these plants can be pruned to make them appealing to the community. This tree survey will suggest steps that can help protect your buildings and estate. 

#2 To prevent pests and diseases in our homes 

When homeowners move to a new area, they might be unaware of the various pests and diseases which affect trees in the area. If these problems are left unattended, they may affect the living conditions of the property owner. 

Getting an Arboricultural survey helps you know the common pest and tree diseases that trees in your property might face. 

#3 To stop your home from accidents 

Accidents are common in areas with Arborist Essendon London trees scattered in the community. This is because tree branches might snap off and hit a car or windows which might affect a house owner. 

When you have a survey that decides when to prune the trees, these accidents might be avoided. 

#4 Advises against home foundation problems

When buying or building a house, many house owners tend to overlook the possibility that tree roots might affect the foundation of that house. 

But with an Arboricultural survey, the risks are limited and you will be able to cut down any potential dangerous tree roots. 

#5 Determine the status of trees in your property 

It isn’t an easy task deciding if a tree should be cut down or should be replanted. Only experts who know trees can make that recommendation. 

Using a tree survey goes a long way in confirming if a tree is weakened and can destroy your property or you have fewer trees that could help with the shed. 

#6 Have official buildings documents

With Arboricultural surveys, you can get the relevant documents you need for your property which will meet local council standards anytime. 

To avoid problems from land authorities, use an Arboricultural surgery to get data about balanced plans and Arborist Essendon London tree removal issues

#7 Subsidence reasons

 You will need an Arboricultural survey service if you are concerned about the integrity of your home. Only a reliable Arboricultural survey can determine if your building is at risk of damage or has structural problems caused by tree roots. 

#8 Mortgage reasons

 Sometimes, many mortgage lenders require house owners to provide an in-depth arboricultural survey to show how durable and standard the property is. This is because some trees are threats to the life of homeowners which may reduce the value of the house.


Arboricultural surveys are important for all homeowners and property management because it helps determine if the surrounding trees are a threat or are beneficial. It also helps plan the development of Arborist Essendon London healthy trees and how to make the property beautiful by planting good trees.